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Own design

Own design – Custom LED neon signs

We will implement your idea


Here you can price your neon sign without the need to contact our customer service department.

Currently, the delivery time for individual orders is 3 WEEKS.
It is possible to speed up processing for an additional fee.


Call: +48 731 08 00 00

Write to us:

Our company was established to meet all the expectations of our contractors. We perfectly understand how important an individual approach is for them when creating promotional tools such as LED lights and LED neon signs. Therefore, based on over twenty years of experience, we develop and present solutions personalized to the client’s business profile and take into account his proposals for changes to individual elements.

However, we do not impose anything. We also offer custom-made items, which we produce according to the client’s strict guidelines. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your advertisement will be exactly what you dreamed of.

If you have your own idea, provide it to us and we will create a project which we will implement after your approval. We guarantee that the neon sign made according to your order will be aesthetic, durable and tailored to your needs. You can choose any colors, various styles and shapes. You don’t have to limit yourself to just letters. We will be happy to prepare LED graphics or logos that will visually complement the company’s inscriptions.