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Neon LED Classic


an ideal choice for customers looking for the classic shape and character of neon signs, but who value durability, safety and ecology.
Our LED Classic™ neon signs are made of plastic, which makes them resistant to mechanical damage. They do not contain mercury or harmful gases, and the light is emitted by energy-saving LED diodes, powered by a voltage of 12V safe for humans, embedded in a flexible, silicone-like wire, which is placed in a groove made of PET-G, PVC or plexiglass.
In this product, the light line has a fixed width, which is 6 or 10 mm, depending on the needs of a given project. LED Classic™ neon signs are also available in a waterproof version, intended for outdoor use in all weather conditions.

Their service life is up to 50,000 hours (that’s about 6 years!)

You can find ready-made designs for purchase in our STORE

If you have your own idea for a neon sign or have a file with your company’s logo, you can design, price and order them yourself using our NEON CREATOR

You can also contact us directly by writing to our email address or using the contact form in the CONTACT tab.