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What to choose


Grabbing the attention of customers and gaining them is becoming more and more difficult these days. In this guide, you will learn which neon signs to choose to reach your customers.

The competition uses many forms of advertising and we believe that a properly lit sign or the interior of the premises is one of the best ways to stand out.

Led Modern neon signs or Led Classic neon signs are also an ideal way to create an impressive light decoration that is hard to ignore – their lights are so clear that the place where you place the neon sign will be visible from a distance.

Both types of neon signs are equally impressive and made of the highest quality material. So what’s the difference?


Their appearance resembles traditional glass neon signs. In recent years, however, they have undergone a great revolution and classic neon models are being replaced by them.
They look a bit retro, but can be given a contemporary look.
We place them outside or inside the building, so they are resistant to rain and snow, as well as impacts. We don’t have to worry about power consumption, because they are much more energy-efficient than their predecessors and their service life is up to 50,000 hours (that’s about 6 years!).

Neon LED Modern

Neon Led Modern is, above all, transparent workmanship with an impressive appearance, as well as the ability to give them the most fanciful shape (a logo or inscription with an unusual shape and structure is not a problem). It is a modern equivalent of neon, slightly different in workmanship and suitable for a more modern design. We create them using innovative and original technology, so the only limitation is your imagination!

We place them outside or inside buildings, they are waterproof and cheaper than traditional neon signs.


To sum up

Led Classic neon signs are therefore recommended for simple-shaped projects that focus on a classic look and retro atmosphere.

Led Modern neon signs are a suitable option for modern designs with more complex shapes.

The choice therefore depends on your preferences. You should take into account your budget, the nature of the premises or building, or simply your own taste. Both types of neon signs work in any situation, on any wall and in any room.

LED letters

Fog, smog and heavy rain make it difficult to read the inscriptions on traditional advertising banners. LED letters that catch the eye of passers-by regardless of the time of day and weather conditions ensure that advertisements and decorations never escape the attention of recipients. See how LED advertising products from the Neon Factory convey a message to your customers in an instant and intriguing way.